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      Pera Tours International

      Vacations are the costumer’s means of escape from daily routine. They are meant for exploration, education, and relaxation and reconnecting with family, friends and sometimes nature. A vacation should be “you-centric”. We provide that perspective that from moment you decide to travel. At Pera tours international, we take a hands-on approach in designing the costumers a unique vacation based on their passions and budget, to ensure a personally fulfilling experience. We listen carefully to what they are looking for in their vacation experience, and then we seek out the best values and added benefits for their trip. With our knowledgeable consultants, worldwide contacts and extensive supplier relationships, we will take you anywhere, and save you time and money in the process.

      Accommodations: We are very proud of our services. Our specialists extensively inspect hotels, villas, transportation options and destinations around Turkey. We have the best deals with the very best hotels in turkey, in every single city from the five stars Cave hotels of the exotic city of Cappadocia to the unbelievably high quality four and three stars hotel of Istanbul, Izmir, Ephesus, kusadasi, Antalya etc…

      We provide the best rooms, restaurants, museums and tours, and then share those deals with you. We’ll work together with you to arrange the trip the costumers want to have, often anticipating their needs before you even ask.

      Trip packs: We also according to the Budget of the customers, we provide different Tour packages which include Transportation, Hotels, Tours and or itinerary of their choosing. Our packages are as follows:

      • Regular Group Tours: A fixed date is given on which the Tour will be done. Participations are international with a total of 11 to 15 people A touristic guide and a Public Transportation are provided.
      • Semi – Private Tours: The Tour will be done with a restricted group of maximum 9 people, participation is international (Available only in Istanbul!)
      • Private Tours: The Tour provides a driver, a VIP Car and a Guide at the full service of the costumers to visit the sites and follow the itinerary of their choosing.

      We hope that with the data provide above gives you enough information about our company and the options that the customers can choose from.

      Please check it out and feel free to contact us if you need further information. We will be as helpful as possible by providing more details.

      Peratour Turizm

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